Friday, March 25, 2011

Drum Is My Soul

Im tyring to be the best , the bestess drummer ever . I've play a drum since i was 12 until now . Drum its really awesome . You guys bole kata , when you play a drum you can release your tension and frustt .
Hell Yeahh . Its true :D But , im not a expert and pro hahaha . But , semua org kata bila kita belajar something , insyallah kita bole buad , and thats what im gonna do . Im trying to be the best . I wish i can play infront of her . I can express what i fell when im playing a drums . Drum is my SOUL . Without drum , mybe i can be crazy . So , i dont want lost my SOUL at Drum . I wanna keep play it until my last breath , Thats it .


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